The 4 Ps of re-entry

Written by Jamar Williams (working for the Bard Prison Initiative in the US) I want to tell you about the 4 Ps of Reentry (aka release from prison) The essence of these Ps presented themselves long ago at a Drexel University Behavioral Health Conference. At the...

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Study tips from a DWRM student

Written by Joshua Goffe ApexIndividual here, just as an update to the study tip I gave in the 2023 / 24 DWRM prospectus I thought I'd give you a few words. Firstly I got out, it took time and effort on my part, however I got there through a positive and progressive...

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Fretting about vetting

Thoughts from Myra – Jan 31st 2024 I’ve just completed an additional security clearance application for HMPPS, in order to deliver our Employability programme in probation services as well as in prisons – for which I’m cleared.  I expected a high level of personal...

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