Empowering people through Education, Employability and Engagement to create Cultures of Acceptance.

Expand your mind

Everything we do is about education in its broadest sense. Education enables us all to fully engage with the world around us and to be active and compassionate citizens.

When you join our DWRM community, you can choose from a range of possibilities.

Education: Launch your study journey with a partner who understands your unique requirements. Benefit from our wealth of first-hand experience and success in Higher Education within the prison system, coupled with study materials tailored to the specific needs of incarcerated students.

Employability: We offer exceptional support to enable you to gain the confidence and skills to access meaningful employment, following release or study.

Engagement: DWRM has designed and delivered workshops to solve problems identified within the criminal justice system, and we contribute to All Party Parliamentary Group reporting and to academic research. We use prison experience as the driver and draw on our research to advocate for change.

Our courses for people in prison

We create accessible higher education opportunities for people in prison, facilitating learning communities of excellence which also reduce the isolation of prison-based study.

Our employability programmes

We provide holistic and relevant preparation for post-release employment and generate career-focused routes into meaningful futures.

Our influencing and advocacy work

We enable people with lived experience of prison to create and deliver solutions and we influence the evidence base and advocate for prison education policy reform.

Our Impact

The Coates (2016) review of education in prisons advocated strongly for improved education in prisons:

Let there be no doubt. Education should be at the heart of the prison system. My career has been about offering excellent education to the most disadvantaged in society to give them a decent chance in life. Prisoners are in prison because they have done wrong. But once they have served their time, it is just to them and in the interests of their communities that they have the same decent chance. The chance to re-enter society successfully, to find work, to live fulfilling lives. If education is the engine of social mobility, it is also the engine of prisoner rehabilitation.

One of the goals of our target group is to secure a well-paid job on release from prison, which will enable them to successfully settle back into society.
We seek to address this by taking people from an unqualified position to achieving a respected qualification that will create new career opportunities and contribute to lower re-offending rates.

Our impact over the last 12 months

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