Facilitating learning communities of excellence;
reducing the isolation of prison-based study.

One of the challenges with prison-based study is the inherent isolation.

Our freephone number 0800 987 5953 is available for students to discuss any issues and challenges they may be facing, with our tutor support and library sessions providing them with access to faculty and research they might require.

Students can also write to us via our PO Box, use the Email-a-Prisoner Service or request that their Distance Learning Co-ordinators communicate with us via email on their behalf.

We will soon launch our mentor network to run in prisons as well.

The opportunity to study for a degree also contributes to a sense of wellbeing that cannot otherwise be easily met within the confines of a prison regime. It brings a sense of purpose and hope as well as offering a realistic pathway towards living a different life on release. Studying for a degree is a long-term commitment that not only helps the person while they are in prison, but also encourages positive behaviour that can over-ride many years of an ingrained criminal lifestyle.

Incarceration Nations Network

We run the UK Chapter of Incarceration Nations Network, providing another avenue for students to engage with like-minded individuals and tackle the issues regarding educational provisions within the criminal justice system.