Preparing for university

Choosing a Higher Education path, whether in prison or after release, creates a life-changing journey.

M is now settled in London and is taking up many opportunities to develop his skills in games construction before starting at university, studying Video Game Design, in September 2024. He attended DWRM’s Employability course whilst in prison and we have been supporting him since his release.

When I signed up for the employability course, I was a little unsure what I would get out of it but I needed something to occupy my time and was thinking of ways to improve my chances on release. Not only did it give me a chance to get off the wing but it allowed me to take stock of all of the things which I possessed and focus them into a highly presentable and readable format. Having all of my skills and knowledge appear in front of me (in a CV) gave me a perspective on the things I knew were within me but lacked the confidence to articulate. The trainer challenged my perception of myself and encouraged self-reflection, which in turn nurtured inner growth.

Through constant connection and mentorship, this service has inspired me to reach beyond any previous ideas of what I could accomplish. The trainer has helped me redraft and refine the documents I needed to ask for an opportunity for an interview, while my mentor has helped with the realities of applying for university and seeking other education. Being able to run my thoughts or ideas by them and use their expertise to iterate on the process of researching and applying for positions has been invaluable.

To anyone considering using the service or working with DWRM, I encourage you to put your faith in them both as a company and as individuals. My experience has been interacting with people who genuinely seek a change in the way people are able to access employment, education and a brighter future.