Preparing for self-employment

For some people, being self-employed may be the most suitable or only reasonable option.

Both through our Employability programmes in prison and supporting people on release or who are serving community sentences, we establish baseline information and can then support people to enhance their attributes and to address any practical gaps like a CV/ Personal Disclosure Statement and/or work-based skills.  We can also explore suitable employment, training or other education options.

R decided that he wanted to become self-employed and we are supporting him to fulfil his desire to become a commercial musician.

My experience with this service been very positive. I feel supported in every way.

The impact this service has had on me has been tremendous, keeping me focused, accountable and motivated in securing employment or venturing into self-employment.

I would recommend you to join as it is the stepping stone one needs to set up their life back together again after incarceration.