Preparing for employment

Preparing for employment includes more than you would think. Identifying skills and pathways builds essential confidence.

J attended DWRM’s Employability course in prison and has been supported by DWRM since his release.  Whilst in prison, we enabled him to start to be able to express and focus on his career goals.

Being a part of DWRM is something that I am proud of. The service is a service that helps me be held accountable, check my progress and growth also boost my confidence which would be non-existent if I were not involved with the service. (My mentor) has treated me with respect and given me clarity. (The Directors) from a distance have been supportive. The work we have done together I am able to use to really get back into the community.

DWRM has impacted me exponentially as it has allowed me a direct path in what I would like to do for a career [in ophthalmology]. We created a step-by-step plan on what I could do next as I have ADHD I would be unable to do this by myself.

Anyone who is considering being a part of the service provided by DWRM should definitely do it. It will provide you with an unshakeable confidence, up skill you, help you feel accepted back into the community and give you access to professionals who really have access to key expertise. Join the service and get involved now.